Light Air Zen Diffuser

The Light Air Zen diffuser reminds me of a macaroon cookie.  It is has a nice smooth light bamboo finish.  It is very elegant and sophisticated looking.  This diffuser can hold 350ml of water plus your favorite essential oil.  I love the oval shape with the a glimpse of color coming from the “filling” of the cookie.  One thing about this diffuser that was not so good from the beginning is that it is hard to open.  If you don’t have nails, guess what, it will be hard for you to open.  Of course you wouldn’t want to use a knife or anything sharp to open it with but if you have no nails you may have to do it that way.

The colors are bright and vibrant.  It is can only be seen from the center of the cookie and the top center.  This makes it perfect for to keep in a office, spa, yoga studio, waiting area of an office.  It would not cause a lot of attention and the colors would not disrupt the working environment.  You can choose to have it on a continuous colors or choose a single color or no color at all.

The other issue I have with the Light Air Zen diffuser is that it the scent does not travel far.  For a diffuser that it 350ml, I was expecting it to be able to fill my living room.  The scent can be smelled best when you are directly in front of it.

The diffuser can run on either 3 hours or 6 hours.  It will turn off on its own once the water depletes.  You will hear a beep as it is shutting down.

It’s cute but would work for a small area so you can enjoy the scent of your oil.

I did receive this diffuser at a discount price in return for my honest and unbiased review.